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Cruise Through the Heart of Europe on the Romantic Danube

The Danube Cruise takes you right into the heart of Europe. The Danube River courses through 10 European countries. It travels through some of the continent’s most beautiful and history-filled sites and cities. From grand monasteries, age-old capitals, and riverbanks soaked in culture, this cruise will be one for the books.

Taking this cruise will give you access to some of Europe’s most romantic cities; Vienna, Prague, Munich, and Budapest. These are some of the most popular cities in the world where monarchies were created, and where some of the best music was composed by musical greats such as Mozart and Beethoven.

Depending on when you take your cruise, you might get the chance to take part in Oktoberfest, the annual German festival. Later you’ll take guided walk tours through the cobbled streets of Passau and take a hike around the Passau Castle. For the fitness enthusiasts, you could rent out a bike and take part in the River Inn bike tour. This tour will also take you through a few historical sites preserved by UNESCO such as the City of Media Arts in Linz and the Wachau Valley Durnstein.

You’ll take part in full-day excursions in Salzburg and have wine tasting events in Weissenkirchen. In Vienna, city tours will be the order of the day. From majestic Palaces and Castles to famous Opera houses, they will be enough to awe at and take pictures of. For more religious folk, the St. Stephen’s Cathedral is a site we recommend taking a tour of.

In Bratislava, there will be a walking tour where you’ll take a visit to areas where crowning ceremonies of Hungarian Kings and Queens took place. If you’re seeking something more adventurous, you will take a hike to the Bratislava castle, where you’ll get a beautiful view of the whole city.

In Budapest, you’ll experience various foods and get an opportunity to see local activities at the Great Market Hall. The ship will take you through the hilly and flat areas of the Danube River. You will be able to visit yet another UNESCO preserved cultural site at the Castle Hill district where medieval artifacts are stored. You’ll also cruise by the Chain Bridge, which is a significant symbol of Budapest.

From the history in Budapest and Bratislava to the glamour of Vienna, the only thing you’ll be short of is time. This will definitely be an experience to remember.

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