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Cultivating YOUR LOVE Connection

Destination Wedding & Honeymoons

Your unique love deserves a once-in-a-lifetime travel adventure! Explore how we can help you plan a destination wedding worthy of your unique love story, or a luxury honeymoon that makes you feel like it was meant only for the two of you!

Customizing YOUR LOVE Connection

Custom Itineraries

Create a memory-making journey with our custom itineraries. Celebrate special moments like honeymoon, anniversary, vow renewal, birthday, or the bucket-list trip that you deserve with us! We will craft your journey based on your preferences that will delight you with the right balance and a hint of luxury!

Your custom-designed adventure 
​is in the details!

Our Honeymoon Design Services

So you may wonder why should you use our honeymoon design services? 


Well, it's estimated that couples spend an average of 30 hours doing research for their romantic getaways, especially when it comes to a honeymoon or destination wedding.  This is a lot of time and money spent on a "trip of a lifetime", so you don't want to get it wrong. Here are three (3) reasons to allow us to design your honeymoon:


  • Resorts look great online but it's not always the same in person.  And we have direct contact with hotel personnel and management. So when you accept our recommendation, you won't have to worry that it wasn't what you expected.

  • No need to worry about traveling during hurricane season. We always offer travel protection so you are protected medically and any mishaps during your travel. 

  • We create a travel or trip vacation that fits both your wish list and your reasonable budget.  Basing your decision on price alone does not mean you will actually enjoy it.  We look at all aspects of your trip.  We make sure you have a great experience!

Where will your love story take you? Where ever it is, we will design it so it with ease and the right amount of romance.

We design your special kind of love story adventure so you can fall deeper in love, with each other, within your chosen designation to create a memory of a lifetime.

Our Destination Wedding Design Service

You are a special couple and your destination wedding should be too!

Your style and touch will shine through in the details. We coordinate as much or as little with the destination details as you desire.  Here is our planning process:

  • Review your destination wedding timeline and take you step by step thru the planning process from start to finish.

  • Determining which destination, resort or cruise ship is the best option for you and your guests.

  • We negotiate group contracts. You could spend days requesting information and never get a response from half the hotels you contact. And if there are freebies, like room upgrades or private cocktail parties, we’ll grab those for you as well!

  • Advising you on all requirements for marriage in your selected destination.

  • We manage payments. Friends, family, and money just don’t mix. We manage all deposits and final payments and ensure your guests get the best value for their dollars.


  • We manage your guest list. We take your guests through the booking process from start to finish. And your guests will feel completely at ease with the booking process. We will send you regular updates on the guest lists.

Ready to get started?  Schedule a complimentary consultation.  



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