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7 Steps to Reduce the Stress of Planning a Vacation

Are you thinking about surprising your family with a great vacation? Or are you engaged? Or are you getting married and looking to plan a honeymoon? Well, the idea is a lot of fun, but the research can be brutal. It can take 40 hours or more to research before determining if you have found the PERFECT vacation. Here are some tips to help you with the overwhelming and daunting task.


It is crucial to determine your budget first. Then figure out how much vacation you will get based on your wants and needs. You may find you need to increase your travel budget to something more reasonable. A budget should be one of the first things you develop to stay within your financial boundaries.

When and Where

This part is easy if you already have a destination in mind. To assist with deciding on a destination, write down all your preferences on a piece of paper. Next, decide what time of year you want to go on vacation along with the length of stay. It would help if you also thought about the climate and activities you are looking to do.


Brainstorm an activity wish list with your family, group, or significant other. It does not mean that everyone gets what they want, but it will help to set expectations. Not everyone enjoys the same activities, so this will help you to balance everyone's desires. For example, an all-inclusive resort could be a great fit. An all-inclusive resort offers all your travel partners a variety of activities.


Come up with several itinerary options to compare. As You Wish Luxury Travel usually presents three itineraries for travelers to review. Using a travel advisor is helpful. Travel advisors can reduce the stress of planning your vacation because they do all the research for you.

International Travel Tips

Are you traveling internationally? Then make sure to determine if there are vaccines or visa requirements for that country. Make sure to look at your passport and check on when it expires. You could be denied boarding your flight if you have less than six months remaining on your passport. Make sure you will have six months or more left on the passport from the date of return back into the United States. If there are less than six months, your passport could be considered expired.

Photo by Alex Azabache from Pexels

Credit Cards

Call your credit card company and inform them of when you are traveling. This preparation will help you avoid having your credit card blocked and your transaction flagged as fraudulent. Also, check on ATMs and fees. Is there an extra fee for using your credit card internationally? Determine how much cash to carry to tips. Also, figure out the methods you will use to pay for different parts of your trip.

Travel Protection

Don't fool yourself. It would be best if you had travel protection. It covers so much than medical emergencies. It can include reimbursement for a stolen camera, a canceled flight, medical issues, and so much more. Remember, most health care plans do not cover you overseas. Each travel protection plan is different. Talk to your travel advisor about the coverage and how it will reimburse you for issues while traveling.

There are so many steps involved in planning a great vacation. Planning a vacation can be overwhelming. So turn to a professional – most of the time, our services may not cost you anything extra to use an experienced travel advisor. As You Wish Luxury Travel offers personalized service. We assist with finding you the right trip for the best value. A good travel agent can reduce your stress and research time when planning a vacation. Contact AJ! at 440-965-6868 or by email at

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