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Did You Know All Of These Movies Took Place in London?

There’s no denying the power and influence that movies have on us. Sometimes so much that they make us fall in love with not just the character and the story but also the places and the culture shown in them. So, here’s a list of some of the greatest movies of their time which are also an alluring portrayal of the beauty and the culture of London.

Four Weddings and a Funeral This 1994 British rom com was shot in locations like St Bartholomew the Great, the South Bank, Greenwich and on Highbury Terrace, Highbury Fields (the place where Charles flat was and the romantic reunion in the rain was filmed).

A Fish Called Wanda The 1988 Charles Crichton dark comedy used locations like Kipling Mansions, St John’s Gate and the New Square in Lincoln’s Inn. ​ Sherlock Holmes A great movie also needs a great location to be filmed at, and that’s exactly the case with this modern remake of Arthur Conon Doyle’s classic character, played by none other than Robert Downey Jr. The filmmakers chose spots like St. Paul’s cathedral, 0ld Royal Naval College in Greenwich, River Thames, Brompton cemetery in Kensington, The Reform Club in St. James’s and St Bartholomew, the Great Church 

Notting Hill The street market of Portobello Road is easily in the list of top ten tourist’s attraction of London. The weekends here are extremely crowded, and hence the best time to visit. It is also on this road that you will find Grant’s bookshop.

Bridget Jones Diary Bridget’s flat is located on the Bedale Street of Borough Market, also known as food lover’s paradise. Other famous locations include Royal Courts of Justice, Kings Cross, Liverpool Street Station and the Tower Bridge.

Bend It Like Beckham This aspiring story of two 18-year old’s was filmed in locations like Carnaby Street, the Gunnersbury Park, London Heathrow Airport and the Piccadilly Circus. ​ Oliver! Although the entire movie is filmed in the Shepperton Film Studio, this 1968 musical drama portrays the mysterious and dangerous side of the city perfectly.

28 Days Later In case you have never been to London and are totally scared after watching this movie, then don’t be. Cause the city is never this empty. The creepy Danny Boyle Sci-Fi horror had some of it scenes filmed at the Westminster Bridge, Royal Exchange, Piccadilly Circus and St Anne’s Church.

The Bourne Ultimatum This action-packed Matt Damon film was mostly shot in the Pinewood Studios near London but some of the fight sequences were also shot in real locations like the Waterloo Station and the Charing Cross Underground Station.

Mary Poppins Just like Oliver! This Disney classic was also shot entirely at the Walt Disney Studios, but the painted London backgrounds get the job done. ​ Brick Lane This story of a Bangladeshi woman who leaves behind her family and friends for a life in London is beautifully shot at places like Chapel Market, Liverpool Street Station and the Brick Lane itself.

Harry Potter Just because Hogwarts or the entire Harry Potter universe is made up, doesn’t mean that the places it was filmed at are as well. It is kind of like a ritual for every Harry Potter fan to visit the Millennium Bridge, and the Claremont Square (also known as Grimmauld place) and obviously the Kings Cross station.

The Kings Speech There are many reasons that this film won an Oscar and the choice of beautiful London locations might just be one of them. Some of these locations include 33 Portland Place, Avenue Garden, Battersea power station and the Draper’s Hall of Throgmorton Avenue.

Sliding Doors This Gwyneth Paltrow British American was filmed at some of the most beautiful locations in London. Albert Bridge and St Philip Street in Battersea, Waterloo and City Line in London Underground and Fulham Broadway Underground Station, just to name a few.

Which of these movies have you seen? Or which location in London have you visited.  I don't know about you but I am ready to pack my bags for a visit.  If you are, contact AJ! Clonts at 440-965-6868 or by email at

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