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Proof that a Honeymoon in London is Exactly What You are Looking For!

Planning a perfect honeymoon is as important as planning your ideal wedding. Maybe you are about to get married or have recently married but have yet to take a honeymoon. Why not consider spending your honeymoon in London? Here is why London is an excellent choice for a honeymoon.

Only a few cities in the entire world can compete with the charm and inspiring nature of London.

There’s a mysterious vibe to this city that keeps you intrigued. It is romantic. It has history. The beautiful yet cod weather urges you closer to your loved one. From royal and historic dates at the Tower of London near the River Thames to tasting one of the best chocolates the world has to offer while you are on a Chocolacious Tour, there is so much to enjoy in this city for all the newly wedded couples.

The famous ferris wheel has a Cupid’s Capsule exclusively for couples. Aside from the breathtaking views of the city that this ride offers, this memorable experience also comes with champagne served by a private host. Hop on a helicopter for a tour of London with your partner and enjoy the stunning Bird’s-eye view of the city along with a beautiful sunset or sunrise, depending on the time that you choose. Reach new heights with your better half by enjoying a fancy date at the 31st floor of the tallest building in the city, The Shard. The stunning London skyline and a gorgeous sunset is all you need to get into the feels.

What’s more royal than a tour of an actual palace filled with the royal collection of paintings, furniture, and the lavish staterooms? Yes, I’m talking about a tour of the Buckingham Palace.

Whether it’s the South Bank, Big Ben, or just any random spot in London, an evening walk around the city will forever remain one of the most simple and romantic things that you can experience.

Is it a romantic date if it doesn’t involve a little wine? Situated just under the streets of Covent Garden, Gordon’s Wine Bar has been serving as the perfect spot for a date night since 1890.

Everything about a cruise speaks romantic and royal. The 3-hour cruise experience on River Thames offers freshly prepared meals, live music, and complimentary champagne, all while giving you a tour of the city in a unique way.

For all those nature-loving couples out there, Petersham Nurseries brings all your greenhouse dreams to reality. You can enjoy homemade cakes with your afternoon tea or a dinner date in one of their glasshouse restaurants.

There is no better way to end your honeymoon than enjoying a movie in one of the coziest and oldest cinemas in the country. The Electric Cinema in the Notting hill takes your movie experience a little further with their front row velvet double bed and gives you a movie experience that will stay with you a lifetime.

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