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What will travel look like post COVID-19?

Updated: Jun 7, 2020

Travel will return; however, it will not be the same as it was before. Are we prepared for the new normal? Is the travel industry ready to stage a rigorous start? The World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) predicts that travel will return at a gradual pace as countries are continuing to flattening the curve. Countries that successfully flatten the curve will be the first ones to leap to open up their borders and their tourism industry. Before the start of International travel, the first part of the travel industry that needs to restart is the airlines. Once the United States has successfully flattened the curve, the airlines must restore flights within the domestic markets. This airline industry restart will establish new standards of operations for the passengers, crew, and well as the airport staff. For International travel, successful restoration of flights all across the world will require concerted and coordinated efforts of governments and businesses.

As the vaccine is not yet available in the market, travel around the world may resume before most of the world is immune to the virus. It will be risky to go on a trip until a universal cure of COVID-19 is here. Until then, the risk can be minimized only by following the safety protocols. A new plan has been formulated by WTTC that involves both governments and other stakeholders in the travel industry. Governments are working with the travel industry around the world to develop new health and safety processes, which will become a part of standard operating procedures for travel to keep travelers as safe as possible before the world inoculates for virus protection. New check-in safety procedures will be necessary for the travel industry. Digital technology will be in place to ensure proper fulfillment of the new protocols. In the airports, there will be multiple hand sanitizer stations where the passengers or the usual crew will be obligated to follow the course; surveillance technology will also make sure that people are following the protocols. Fewer direct contact methods will develop. For example, new monetary transaction processes (instead of cash) will include scanning, using QR codes, and other non-contact methods. People will use stairs and escalators more often instead of elevators because of limited social distancing it offers. Under sanctions, airports will follow intensive cleaning regiments.

Travel will return, but it will be an altogether new era of travel. Our goal is to prepare you for this return. As a result, we are beginning to focus on domestic trips for our clients. For example, we are promoting U.S. American Riverboat cruises, train travel across the United States, and trips to our National Parks. Contact AJ! Clonts for a FREE consultation at 440-965-6868 or by email at aj@asyouwishluxurytravel. Stay close and travel far!

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