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Brace Yourself for Possible Changes to Your Future Flights

Updated: Jun 7, 2020

As we all try to adapt and change the way we do things in our personal lives, larger companies and corporations will be also be modifying and altering their way of daily operations. Post COVID-19, airline travel won’t look the same for us anymore. According to U.S. News, Emirates Airlines is now conducting rapid blood tests for COVID-19 before they allow travelers to board.

Let’s take a look at what some of the other things airlines are doing to adapt and what your next flight experience might be like.

Prices Will Skyrocket

With social distancing regulations being put into place, many airlines may be required to remove seats and/or reduce cabin capacity.

Delta Air has already announced that they’re blocking middle seats and reducing the number of customers allowed on each flight.

With losses to cabin capacity, you can expect to see airlines offering fewer flight options and charging more.

TSA Flight Guidelines

Security may be the TSA’s main responsibility, but health and safety are also crucial to their day to day operations. The TSA flight guidelines are about to change and adapt as well due to COVID-19.

  • The TSA will be adding hand sanitizer to a list of exemptions for liquids contains being allowed in carry-on bags. 12-ounce bottles of hand sanitizer will be allowed on board until further notice.

  • Social distancing is going to be implemented and forced throughout airports to reduce direct contact with employees and also travelers.

  • With passenger volumes being reduced, screening operations will also be adjusted towards this. The TSA will be consolidating and redirected security screening checkpoints to adhere to CDC regulations.

  • The TSA will also be temporarily accepting expired driver’s licenses or state IDs if you were unable to renew them because of the Corona Virus.

Flying Post COVID-19

As you board your flight, you’ll most likely see the flight attendants and all other staff wearing personal protection equipment (PPC). Airlines will most likely also require you to wear your own PPE or provide it for you.

A new airline staff member may be joining you on flights as well - On-flight janitors will be in charge of cleaning the high contact surfaces throughout the plane constantly.

As far as your flight snack and drinks go, you might as well forget about those. Many airlines could be ending their onboard meal service or switching to only cold prepackaged meals. Instead of getting a cup for your water, you’ll be given a bottle.

The Future of travel and Flying

The Corona Virus has had a huge impact on all of us and it going to continue to do this, all you can do it try to plan ahead and prepare as much as possible. Welcome to what will be the future in airline travel, post-COVID-19.

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