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Did you book with an online travel agency? You better check your reservation. Here's Why!

Updated: Jun 14, 2020

This pandemic has been a nightmare for everyone but especially travel agencies, like As You Wish Luxury Travel. However, we are still answering our phones and working with our clients, unlike some online travel agencies like

If you have an upcoming reservation on, most likely, your booking is no longer valid. They have, without notice to their clients, closed their doors and shut off their phones, at least temporarily. They have not even paid resorts or other associated travel activities, leaving people stranded and having to repay for all of these services. Want proof? It is all over the news like, for example, this MSN Lifestyle News report here!

One person vacationing in Cancun vacationing was asked by the resort to pay for their vacation again, although they had already paid Bookit, including their transportation. It appears that since had such low margins, they were not making payment for resorts and travel activities until the last minute. As a result of the pandemic, when people stopped making travel plans, they no longer had money coming in to pay for the travel arrangements people already had. It is sort of like they have been “check-kiting” and trusting more money would come in to pay off the debt they had. But with this pandemic, they got caught.

Also, in this same article, it has been noted that if you believe your credit card travel protection will cover you. Think again! Most travel protection via credit cards will not cover you if the place where you book your travel has a financial solvency issue. And most included travel protection benefits offered by credit cards are minimal coverage at best.

We believe travel advisors, like As You Wish Luxury Travel and As You Wish Romance Travel are going to make a strong comeback. Although we are hurting financially, you can reach us, unlike online travel agencies like Bookit. We are finding the longer you wait to cancel or rebook, the more likely you are to receive extra benefits to rebook later. Some of our suppliers are allowing you to rebook through the end of next year.

Yes, our prices may not be as cheap as or even Cheap Caribbean. But they don’t offer the service we do. You can always contact us via text, email, or phone, and we vow to be there for you from the time you book with us until the time you get home safely. The cheap online travel agencies will not do that for you. We develop a relationship with you and will advocate on your behalf. So once we get through this pandemic, whether it is with us or not, book with an experienced human travel advisor. We will do everything humanly possible to make sure you have someone to work with you through your travel issues when you reach out to us.

We encourage you to tell others to support your local travel advisor. We are #traveladvisorstrong in 2020!

We look forward to being of service to you once this pandemic is over! Until then, continue to follow the CDC guidelines, stay home if possible, and be safe!

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