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Don't Plan Your Next Trip Until You Add This Essential Piece

You know all about those online travel services such as Expedia,, and TripAdvisor. These travel web sites have been very successful at facilitating travelers to book their airline and hotel reservations online. So with this push to take over the travel industry, one has to ask, “Are travel advisors needed anymore?”

If you have browsed some of these travel sites, no doubt you have observed they are amazing in the diversity of travel options offered. And it is impossible to deny that many thousands of people have taken advantage of these services.

There are some services that a living and breathing travel advisor, can provide that cannot be replicated by an automated web site like Expedia. Some of those services that a hardworking profession would be hard-pressed to live without include:

Focus. You may have very little time to spare. You have specific objectives in mind. So if you must take time away from preparation for your daily task to worry about travel itineraries, hotel, and rental car reservations and the like, that is time when you are not productive. However, a travel advisor will research and reduce travel arrangement choices for you; allowing you to focus on the essential in life, instead of the frustrating details.

·Economy. It is difficult to find that balance between finding the accommodations and your travel budget. If you use an automated online travel service, you may have to sacrifice convenience, schedule, or location for the economy. A good travel advisor will work hard to get you the right itinerary while getting as close your travel cost restrictions as possible. And they will do it without taking up a lot of your time.

Back up. You don’t need help if your trip goes entirely as planned. But if you encounter problems on the road, you can find yourself in need or rescheduling flights and finding new accommodations to work around canceled flights, weather issues, or other unexpected interruptions to your plans. These travel disasters are not mindful of your tight deadlines. But if you have a dedicated travel advisor eager to provide great service, he or she can find those alternative routes and resources to do all they can to get you to your destination so you can conduct your business on time.

That personal touch. You may have travel preferences that you want to achieve with each trip you take. A travel agent has your profile and your travel history so they can do what they can to accommodate your preferences. But moreover, if you have specific individual needs such as a diet limitation or a need for accommodation due to a disability, it will be a travel advisor that sees to it that your needs are met and that you are well taken care of on the road.

While online travel services do provide a convenient alternative to the general traveling public, it is easy to notice their limitations. Booking a trip that is tricky or has specific needs may require the human touch. For this reason, working with a human travel advisor that can dedicate his or herself to the task of making sure your trip works to your specifications. Also, a travel advisor can ensure that you get to your much-needed destination for the rest and relaxation that you planned all along.

American Express revealed that 81% or 4 or 5 Americans believe that small business places greater emphasis on customer service than bigger businesses. Instead of waiting on hold for hours trying to fix an issue with your next vacation, use a certified and trusted travel advisor to handle all these issues for a small professional fee. Contact AJ! Clonts for more information at 440-965-6868 or email at

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