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Everything You Wanted to Know About London Destination Wedding and Were Afraid To Ask

A wedding is a once in a lifetime day of your life. A day the memories of which you take forward your entire life. Every bride hopes this day is even more fairytale than what she imagines to be. Every groom imagines this day to be an emotional rollercoaster and looks forward to seeing his bride walk down the aisle in a beautiful white silk gown. The parents imagine this day to be teary-eyed for them as their beloved children are all grown up. This day needs to be as magical as a fairytale and everyone deserves to have one beautiful day for themselves. You deserve to have this magical day to yourself. And what better place than the most beautiful London to celebrate your day the regal way. London holds the aura of a true British royalty.

A rich sophisticated, elegant city perfect for classic romance. However, for you to enjoy your destination wedding in London you will have to fulfill some formalities for London is all about being formal and ritualistic. These formalities include documentation and getting your venue approved by the registrar, and legalizing your wedding. However, that’s just it! A little hassle, which can be easily outsourced, does no one harm, but what comes next is something not to be missed. You could be married religiously in cathedrals, churches, chapels, or enjoy countryside wedding at barns. You could go for an elegant wedding at estate homes, villas or mansions or go royal and marry at a beautiful castle.

The options to marry in England are endless. Your visualization is enough for you to have a picturesque wedding. This unparalleled day, however, will not just be memories but you will have the pictures to carry on for a lifetime. So either the royal botanic Kew Gardens, the countryside at Chiswick House, the luxury Syon Park, the most regal Orangery at the Kensington Palace, or a riverside wedding at Somerset House, the choice is yours of where you would want to have your historical exceptional wedding in the city of class, culture, and exquisiteness.

The temperature in London can be mild during summers, which is the preferred time for a wedding however, the uncertainty of rain can persist. Hence, make sure to check the weather forecast before walking down the aisle. Moreover, the cost can be slightly more expensive because of the slightly lower value of the US dollar. Even though it is nice to have a wedding worth so many memories as it is a once in a lifetime day but make sure to consider your budget while planning a wedding in London.

In the end, all one can hope for is to have a wedding that lasts forever. Regardless of where you get married, it will be beautiful because what matters is the union of two people among the loved ones, the friends and family. However, for those looking for traditional royal weddings and want to fulfill their dreams London is one city that offers all that you may be looking for.

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