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Experience a Magical Christmas on This European Cruise

The Christmas season is a magical period in Europe. Traditionally, Christmas Markets were a way for locals to stock up on produce and other supplies before the harsh winter season. Today, these markets are more of hallmark style pop-up markets. From holiday cookies, hot food, and general merry-making, these markets are sure to lift your spirits. While in Europe, these markets are mainly found in Austria, Hungary, Austria, France, and Switzerland.

Typically, a Christmas Market Cruise starts late November through to early January. We advise that you start your cruise at most four weeks before Christmas so you can find the festivities in full swing.

During your stopover in Nuremberg, you’ll get an opportunity to visit vendor stalls selling gingerbread, plum people, and mulled wine. While there you’ll visit the famous cathedral, Frauenkirche, rub the brass rings at the Schoner Brunnen for good luck and delight in Gothic architecture.

In Budapest, get to enjoy sausages and hot coffee from the timber stalls right in Vorosmarty Square. This city is also home to some UNESCO preserved sites such as the Buda Castle in Castle Hill and the Heroes square. You’ll also get the opportunity to visit the Great Market Hall where you will experience an abundance of culture and tradition.

In majestic Vienna, you will delight in the splendor of the Opera House and the Imperial Palace. You will take part in guided bike tours or walk tours through the city and you’ll be able to visit the Schronbunn Palace with its magnificent gigantic Christmas tree. At night, the Christmas markets come alive, specifically the Maria Theresaplatz Christmas Market that’s a delight for tourists.

In Passau, you’ll take part in a walking tour of the 2000-year-old city, where you will get to marvel at the diverse architecture from Gothic styles to Italian designs. You’ll shop at the markets purchasing Bavarian-style ornaments. One of the most romantic Christmas markets in Austria is also located here. Take a guided bike tour and along the Danube to burn off some Christmas weight that you’d have gained sampling all the tasty treats.

This is just a peek into what to expect on your Christmas Market Cruise. We’re here to guide you through the full itinerary and help you plan for this life-changing vacation. Did you know it can take 40 hours or more of your valuable time booking your own vacation? Get back your life and spend more time connecting with your loved ones and leave the vacation planning to As You Wish Luxury Travel. Contact AJ! at 440-965-6868 or by email at

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