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Here Are 3 Money-Saving Tips to Consider in 2021 So You Can Finally Travel Again

The festive season is upon us!!! And there are a few seasons more magical than this. The year has been crazy, to say the least, and you want to take advantage of the high accommodation inventory to travel.

The economic situation in 2020 has not been ideal and everyone is saving money as much as they can. In this article, we show you how you can still travel during this period and save money.

Reduce Your Trips to Restaurants

You probably already know this, eating out at restaurants costs more than cooking for yourself. If you plan on traveling for an extended period, we would recommend choosing a vacation stay that allows guests to cook for themselves, for example, a villa stay.

Challenge yourself and try out local recipes. This can make for a fun indoor activity. You can use Google maps and find local markets with high ratings, choose affordable ingredients, and make tasty meals from the comfort of your accommodation. For people without cooking skills, try out easy dishes and occasionally challenge yourself to more complex meals. You might just discover a hidden talent.

Spend Less on Shopping

While on vacation in a foreign place, you’ll want to buy everything that delights your eye. However, if you are on a budget, it would be wise to limit yourself so that your money can last for longer.

If you want to carry memories with you, why not take photos of them – after all they are completely free! But be sure that you have permission to take photos of these items.

You also don’t need to bring back gifts with you for your friends and family after every vacation. For a wonderful and memorable gift, create a picture collage of your vacation and send it to them! They will also enjoy this.

Find Free Things to Do

Perhaps the greatest challenge when traveling away from your comfort zone is finding inexpensive activities to take part in. But with prior research and the help of a good travel agent, that shouldn’t be so hard. Apart from taking walks through cities and towns, you can set out to look for the town’s natural and artistic attractions.

If in Ireland for example, you can take a free tour through the Glendalough, a natural and historic site. Many towns and cities have inexpensive sites to encourage tourists to visit — just knowing where to look is the key.

American Express revealed that 81% or 4 or 5 Americans believe that small business places greater emphasis on customer service than bigger businesses. So, when you are ready to book your next vacation, instead of waiting on hold for hours trying to fix an issue with your next vacation, use a certified and trusted travel advisor to handle all these issues for a small professional fee. Contact AJ! Clonts for more information at 440-965-6868 or email at

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