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Here Is What You Need to Know Before Canceling Your Future Vacation

The pandemic has slowly taken root in our lives and it’s safe to say that it’s here to stay. At least for the short term. With this information, how soon will travel go back to how it was? With the rate of infection constantly fluctuating, it’s difficult to know.

So, should you cancel your winter or Spring 2021 vacation plans? It’s difficult to say, however, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Conduct Due Diligence

Information is king! In everything in life.

It’s important that you plan your vacation or decide to cancel after finding out all the pros and cons.

Find out if the company you used will offer some form of reimbursement for your trip. Find out by which date do you need to cancel to qualify you for this reimbursement.

If your trip is still months away, give yourself time, and weigh the situation as it goes. Keeping in mind these important deadlines.

Speak to Your Travel Agent

Communication is key to a healthy relationship between you and your travel agent. Speak to them before making any cancellations. Once you speak to them, they may make you aware of alternate solutions, for example, postponing your vacation plans to a later date.

A good travel advisor or agent already has a good relationship with important vendors like hoteliers. They may be able to get you partial to full refunds. They could also arrange for you to take your vacation at a later date.

Postponing instead of canceling might be a better idea. You’ll be supporting smaller businesses while still keeping you and your family safe.

Understand the Terms Put in Place by Your Insurance Provider

It's important to understand how much your travel insurance will cover if you get sick during your vacation.

You can choose to pay for a “cancel for any reason” travel plan. Although this is more expensive, it gives you more freedom with cancellations. There are still guidelines that you have to follow and you still won’t get all your money back.

With this being said, when making future bookings it is wise that you also do your research. Understand the rate of infection in your travel destination. Speak to your agent on what steps the city, town, or country has taken to protect its citizens and tourists. Understand all the travel requirements you need to meet to enter into that destination.

This can be overwhelming, but with an experienced and professional travel company, you should be able to navigate this smoothly.

Don't spend another second of your efforts by booking your own vacation. Reduce the hassle and spend more time connecting with loved ones by giving As You Wish Luxury Travel a call to custom design your next travel experience. Contact AJ! at 440-965-6868 or by email at We plan to be here when this pandemic is over.

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