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Be Aware of These Hidden Travel Costs

Hidden travel costs and how to avoid them

The average person spends nearly $2,000 on their travel expenses during a trip or vacation. With that being said, some of those expenses could be hidden costs that could be avoided with a little planning.

The hidden costs of travel are everywhere...From sneaky baggage fees to hotel and resort fees these hidden costs can cost a fortune. That is why we have created this simple guide to help you manage your travel expenses like a pro. Let’s get started!

Baggage Fees

You might think that you are finding a steal of a deal on low-cost airfare, however, most of those airlines know how to get their money in other ways. For example, you might find a one-way ticket for only $29 and then find that the baggage fee is double the price of the ticket each way!

Always check for additional flight fees when you are booking air travel. Be mindful of how many bags you are bringing, and if possible, only bring a carry-on.

Accommodation Fees

When you are calculating your budget or creating a travel expense checklist you should not overlook accommodation or hotel fees. These are charges such as cleaning fees, service fees, resort fees, etc.

These charges can quickly add up and unfortunately, they are easy to overlook while you are booking your stay. In most cases, the room rental per night price does not reflect any of these fees. It's only after you reach the payment stage that the full price is revealed.

Transportation Fees

One of the most overlooked hidden travel costs is transportation fees. Additionally, many tourists and travelers can be scammed by taxi drivers resulting in spending way more than what was budgeted. If you must take a taxi be diligent about knowing the routes and make sure you can make exact change for the driver.

The best way to save in the end is by renting a vehicle or using public transit like the train or city bus. In most cities, you are able to buy a pass for public transportation for the duration of your stay to save money. If you end up renting a car be sure to pay attention to any hidden costs such as going over mileage allotments.

Managing the Hidden Costs of Travel

These are the most common hidden costs of travel which you need to be aware of. With that being said, working with an expert travel agent can help you save money without the hassle!

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