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Indulge All Your Senses on this Rhine Moselle European Cruise

This cruise begins in Amsterdam and ends in beautiful Luxembourg. On the cruise, you’ll get to enjoy the beauty of the vineyards across the valleys next to the Rhine and Moselle Rivers. While in Amsterdam, your ship will pass through its beautiful and famous canals as it sets sail.

Your first destination will be in Cologne and here you will get to marvel at the beautiful and historic Gothic architecture in the city. Through a guided tour, you will visit the Old Town where you’ll visit the Cologne Cathedral, you’ll walk past Germany’s oldest Town Hall and Cologne’s oldest market. For the beer lovers, visiting a local tavern to drink Cologne’s famous beer, Kolsch, will be an activity you won’t want to miss. You can later delight your palate with local delicacies such as the potato pancake, reibekuchen, which you’ll get served with applesauce. To burn off all the food you’ve indulged in, you’ll later take a bike tour along the beautiful Rhine River.

Your cruise will continue along the Rhine and you’ll get a view of the beautiful storybook style castles as you approach Rudesheim. While in Rudesheim, you’ll take a gondola ride and enjoy the sites of the vineyards that will usher you to the next activity, wine tasting. You can also pop into a local coffee shop and order Rudesheimer’s special coffee made with brandy and whipped cream.

Touring Mainz will be a history experience. You’ll visit Romanesque Cathedral as well as more of Germany’s most famous places of worship. For individuals looking for more activity, you’ll take part in bike tours. As you cruise out of the city, you’ll get to view more castles in Lahnstein.

As you arrive in Moselle Valley Cochem, you’ll be ushered in with a view of the beautiful timber houses in the region. In the city, you’ll take part in a guided walking tour of the Old Town where you’ll get to visit the Reichsburg Castle. For food lovers, you can choose to take a tour of mustard mills where you’ll sample Cochem’s famous mustard.

In Bernskatel, you’ll also take part in a walking tour of the Old Town. However, this experience will be just as unique due to the area’s beautiful Renaissance architecture. A wine tasting will be waiting for you after. To culminate your tour of the area, you can take a bike tour along the Moselle before setting off to Luxembourg where you’ll disembark.

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