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Is The Travel Industry Close to Re-opening?

It's still too early to say, these are unusual conditions, and there is still so much we don't know about infection and immunity of COVID-19. Although we are starting to see the beginning of tourism re-opening, especially internal tourism, Governments are likely to be on the cautionary line. All decisions should be governed by the health and safety of all.

Many travel lovers have halted international travel due to the global effects of COVID-19 and the recommendations of the Level 4 Do not Travel advisory, which is the highest level of the State Department. According to the warning, Americans living in the US and currently overseas in countries where commercial exit opportunities are still open were advised to return home promptly "unless they are willing to stay overseas for an unspecified time."

When It Will Be Safe To Travel Again?

For now, the travel industry is in shambles, and no one can guess when this pandemic will pass. The travel consultants of As You Wish Luxury and Romance Travel believe that domestic travel (including travel to some Caribbean Islands and Mexico) may begin re-opening mid-summer to fall. Reports suggest that by July, many Caribbean and Mexico resorts will re-open.

International travel and cruises could take a little longer due to long flights and the proximity of other people in cabins and long-distance flights. We believe those may not begin until late fall through next year.

Keep in mind travel will no longer be the same as it was before Covid-19. With future travel, we must prepare to have your temperature taken at airports, face-covering requests, hand sanitizer stations, and new seating arrangements for social distancing. There are recommendations to arrive at the airport 4 hrs before flights to ensure all additional screening procedures and precautions can be taken. All of this will become the new normal as this may not be the last time we have such a pandemic sweep through the entire world since we have become a global society.

Travel Insurance

Since COVID-19 is now well-known around the world, insurance companies find the disease to be a "predictable effect on travel." Most travel insurance plans will exempt it from coverage for at least the next few months. There has been a 208 percent rise in people requesting cancellation coverage since the outbreak initiated. Travelers seeking to purchase new insurance coverage that will allow them to cancel their trip during the outbreak should ask for the upgrade "Cancel For Any Reason" included in travel insurance policies. Many policies that contain the option to "Cancel For Any Reason" must be obtained within 14 to 21 days of the first travel payment and cost around 40 percent more than traditional cancellation policies. The update would pay up to 75% of the cost of any non-refundable travel components such as flights, hotels, resorts, and tours.

In Conclusion

  • International Travel will remain halted until the State Department changes the Level 4 Travel Advisory

  • We predict domestic travel may return later this summer (which includes some of the Caribbean). Cruise travel may not return until late fall or even next year.

  • Prepare for a change in travel procedures

  • Get the right travel protection as not all travel protection is the same.

Since most of the country is required to shelter in place, it's probably best to plan trips several months ahead instead of rushing to the airport as soon as the restrictions are lifted. Have more questions about your future travel plans? Do you want to make sure to get the right travel protection for your next trip? You can set up an appointment with AJ! Clonts for a 1-hour FREE consultation at 440-965-6868 or by email at

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