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Itching to Travel During this Pandemic? We Recommend These 3 Low-Risk Options

Life is seemingly getting back to normal and travel restrictions are easing and/or being completely lifted in other areas. With that, many people are looking at how they can travel and do it safely at the same time.

How and where you choose to travel will determine just how safe you and your family will be during your trip. Though it is nowhere 100% safe at the moment. Some locations and travel methods will put you at a reduced risk of contracting the virus.

So where to travel during COVID? After our own research and taking into consideration the advice of health and travel industry experts, here are a few places that we recommend.

Book A Private Vacation Home

Many hotels, big to small, are taking all the necessary measures to protect their guests. However, with the steady flow of guests coming in and out daily, it is not the safest accommodation. Private vacation homes are significantly safer than hotels. This is because fewer people come in and out at any given time, and this means reduced interactions.

Many vacation homes under Airbnb for example have put in place stringent health and safety measures that their hosts should follow. Before booking any vacation home, check with the host or owner of the home on what measures they have taken to sanitize and keep the home safe.

Go Camping

For nature enthusiasts, camping might be a viable option for you. Camping allows you to experience the outdoors and have a safe and comfortable stay at the same time. Many campers carry their own tents and supplies. This means you have control over the cleanliness of everything you’re using. You can also book an RV with a rental company and carry your family and friends along. This travel option also reduces interaction with strangers.

Take A Road Trip

Traveling by road in a personal car is one of the safer ways to travel during this pandemic. Simply bring along your closest friends and relatives, lots of snacks and food, and your best playlist and you’re good to go. Unlike traveling by air or by train, you’ll limit your exposure to strangers and this makes you safer. Get a guide on which scenic routes to take and which towns to stop at to make your experience more memorable and enjoyable.

There are so many options available at the moment. Speaking to a travel agent with experience and who is up to date on current travel regulations will make your work much easier. They will provide you with insight into where to travel during COVID. American Express revealed that 81% or 4 or 5 Americans believe that small business places greater emphasis on customer service than bigger businesses. So when you are ready to book your next vacation, Instead of waiting on hold for hours trying to fix an issue with your next vacation, use a certified and trusted travel advisor to handle all these issues for a small professional fee. Contact AJ! Clonts for more information at 440-965-6868 or email at

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