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Make Your Iceland Destination Wedding a Reality!

Are you the kind of person who loves adventure and traveling and by some miracle have found a life partner who also shows a deep love for both of these things as much as you? We hope so. And now you have decided to say your vows to each other but also want your marriage to express the adventure and fun-loving souls that you both are but can’t find the right place. Then you need to stop worrying right now because we have done all the work for you.

Located just halfway between North America and Europe, the small island of Iceland is perfect for any couple looking for a fun and adventurous wedding. Whether you decide to get married on top of a glacier or a cliff, in a cave or on a beach, every corner of this beautiful island, with its breathtaking landmarks, can be used as the perfect wedding spot. Moreover, you get stunning backdrops for your wedding photos without any added décor.

Every season has its perks when it comes to getting married in Iceland. During the summer the weather is perfectly moderate, 8 to 15 C, and the island is all wrapped up in greenery. It is majorly because of these two reasons that the summer season is the busiest season when it comes to weddings in Iceland, and therefore also the most expensive.

Although not as warm as summer, in the spring and autumn you can enjoy the northern lights, and since it’s not the busiest season, the prices are also a little lower.

When it comes to prices, the winters are the cheapest for weddings in Iceland. Majority of people avoid winter weddings because of the unpredictable and cold weather. So in case you are planning on getting married during the winter season or having an outdoor ceremony, we might suggest that you also consider a backup plan. Other than the weather, the winter season offers a lot of different opportunities for the bride and the groom. The northern lights and the snow-covered hills will surely prove to be one of the most memorable sights to experience with your better half.

Although the legal work for getting married in Iceland takes patience, it’s nothing that you and your partner can’t go through together. All the paperwork is to be sent to the national registry office at least three weeks before the wedding is due. There is no need for translation if all the documents are in English or Scandinavian. You need to hand in all the paperwork at least five days before your wedding, and in case you don’t have a wedding planner you also need to be in Iceland five working days before your wedding date. This is the reason we suggest getting a wedding planner since they can do all this work for you. But these are the things that same wherever you go.

With all its pros and cons, Iceland, without a doubt, is a unique place for destination wedding. So inform all your loved ones and pack your bags, cause this is going to be the perfect start to the adventure that married life is. So, stop dreaming about your Iceland Destination Wedding and start planning. Click here to schedule an appointment with Sharon Pearson of As You Wish Romance Travel for your free consultation.

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