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Why a "No Shoe" Policy During the Pandemic May Be Important

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

Many countries across the world have a no-shoes in the house policy. Some households within our country are very strict about this policy – and with good reason.

With the virus here to stay, cleanliness and safety within our homes have become of importance. A study by the CDC found that coronavirus can linger in our footwear. This news can be alarming because we cannot do without shoes.

Good hygiene is paramount in the fight against this disease. So how can you and your family reduce the chances of transferring the virus into your house through footwear? Shoe covers.

Apart from disinfecting and cleaning your shoes as regularly as possible, shoe covers are perhaps the quickest way you can ensure that the virus does not get transmitted into your household. It might be difficult to convince repair workers or painters to take off their shoes before coming into your house. However, providing them with an easy and quick fix to the problem might be more appealing. Apart from keeping you away from the virus, you can protect your floors and carpet from stains.

You can also use shoe covers immediately you come home from outside. They’ll protect your house from dirt and gems and are also a quick way to package your shoes when traveling. Throw your shoes into shoe covers and place them in your suitcase and you are ready to go.

Shoe covers aren’t as slippery as you would think. They are made out of strong and durable material that prevents slip due to their grip and texture at the sole. They are waterproof, tear-proof, and dust-proof. They can also fit any type of shoe from flats to boots. An added advantage is that they are light and breathable and you will barely notice them on your feet.

For those keeping up with international news, you will be aware of several countries introducing sanitation points where residents walk through a disinfectant solution to reduce the chances of the spread of the virus. This demonstrates the importance of effectively cleaning your shoes to keep you and your family safe during this pandemic.

Navigating travel during a pandemic can be daunting. Finding a travel plan that meets your safety needs is paramount to many people at this time. Using the services of professional travel agents will save you the hassle and time spent trying to plan the perfect vacation.

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