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Stop Wasting Time and Start Your London Vacation!

London; the capital city of the red-brick country. First founded by the Romans when they invaded the Britain in AD 43, the name “London “originates from a Celtic word Londinios, which means “The Place of the Bold One”. Aside from the historic landmarks and the gloomy yet somehow beautiful weather, there is a lot in this city that familiarities us about the history and culture of not only the city, but also of the country. ​ The Tower of London, one of the most historic places in the country, was initially built to guard the city in 1078 by William 1 when he took over it. Since then it has been used as a palace, a weapons store, a castle, a prison, a mint and even as a zoo.  As of present time, it is open for the public who can enjoy the Crown Jewels exhibition as well as the annual art installments which began in order to honor the Golden Jubilee of Britain’s involvement in the first World War. Buckingham Palace, The Elizabeth Tower and St. Paul’s Cathedral are just few of the other historic places that are a must see during your trip to London.

​If you were lucky enough to visit London and didn’t enjoy a ride on the giant London Eye, then you clearly missed an opportunity of a lifetime. The 30-minute ride on the famous ferris wheel gives you such a breathtaking view of the city that you will not be able to witness even if you are at the top of the tallest building of London. My recommendation would be that you save it for the end of your trip, cause what better way to say goodbye to the city than enjoying the stunning bird’s-eye view of it that this ride has to offer.

​When it comes to food and drinks, the Borough Market is known as the ultimate heaven for a food lover. The classic English breakfast, a Sunday roast with Yorkshire pudding, beef wellington and fish and chips are just few of the foods that London is known for. The relaxing afternoon tea served with the usual milk and sugar is just what the afternoons in London were made for. You can also have it black or with lemon if that’s more suitable to your taste. Real ale, an unfiltered and unpasteurized beer brewed with natural ingredients and served with natural carbonation. Although available in almost every part of the world the Real ale experience that you can enjoy in London is unlike anywhere else.

Because of the unpredictable weather of London, summer is the best time for tourists to visit the city and enjoy outdoor activities such as picnics in the famous Hyde and Kensington Park. However, it is still recommended to bring a sweatshirt or a sweater in case it rains, and it gets a little chilly. ​ Last but not the least make sure you go on a night tour of the city. Whether by yourself or with a friend, an evening walk offers a special experience of the city that you will remember for the rest of your life.

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