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Taste of Bordeaux: A Wine Lovers Ultimate Cruise Experience

For anyone enthusiastic about French wine, food, and culture, then this cruise will be on your bucket list. This cruise will take you through the most beautiful wine country globally. You’ll enjoy opulent wine in the legendary wine capital, Bordeaux, and get to see beautiful vineyards and charming towns as you cruise along.

As you embark on your cruise, you’ll get to take in the beauty that is Bordeaux. Your first stop will be in Libourne, where you’ll enjoy the magnificence of their famous vineyards. You’ll also take a walking tour where you’ll visit the local church made of limestone and while there, an opportunity to go below the church and visit the preserved caves and catacombs will be one you won’t want to miss. For the history buffs, you can take a tour of the Chateau Vayres and also take a walk through the historic town of Saint-Emilion and learn more about the area.

Libourne is a famous wine region. Wine-growing in the area goes back to the Roman times in three major areas; Saint-Emilion, Fronsac, and Pomerol. These areas have some of the most beautiful vineyards and most decadent wines. Wine tasting in this area will be an experience your palate will remember.

In Blaye, a tour of the historic 17th Century Citadel will be on the itinerary. This site has been preserved by UNESCO and is a cultural and historic phenomenon. To indulge in more history, take a walking tour through the ancient village of Bourg and visit the local museum where you'll get to see a collection of horse-drawn carriages from years past. Depending on the time you take your cruise, you will be able to experience a wine festival in a medieval town in Blaye.

Your next stop will be in Pauillac, a village best known for producing some of the most famous Bordeaux wines. Here you will also get a chance to visit some of the world’s most famous wine estates such as the Chateau Latour. Apart from the wine tasting that will take place here, you can take a coastal drive Soula-sur-Mer where you’ll visit France’s oldest lighthouse and Statue of Liberty as well.

In Cadillac Bordeaux, you’ll get to experience the sweet wines offered in the region. You will visit the legendary Castle of Roquetaillaide that has been owned by the same family for over 700 years and get a chance to visit the Cadillac Castle. Later, take a guided bike tour through the quaint town of Cadillac.

Finally, at the capital Bordeaux, you’ll get to enjoy the art and history offered by the region. Visit the famous indoor where you’ll be able to enjoy local food delicacies. Take a guided bike tour on the city's specially marked bike paths as you enjoy the beautiful architecture offered here. A visit to the wine museum in Bordeaux will be a great culmination of your wine adventures. And finally, you can delight in a light show by the Les Bassins de Lumieres.

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