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The Secrets to Traveling With Less Stress This Holiday Season

Here’s a few travel tips to improve your trip experience.  You can use them now and in the future; however, most of these tips are great for holiday travel, but also good for normal vacation and business travel too!

Airport Arrival Be sure to arrive a minimum of 2 hours before flight time for domestic flights and 3 hours before for international flights. Check on road conditions the day of travel for construction, weather or heavy traffic potential delays and adjust the time you leave your home accordingly. It’s not fun to start off your vacation by missing your first flight! ☹

Cell Phone

If traveling internationally, before leaving home, be sure to contact your cell phone company and let them know what country (or countries) you will be visiting to be sure what your voice and data plan will allow without astronomical charges. ​ Banking

Also, if traveling outside of the states, let your bank know you will be in other locales, so they do not block your card for “suspicious” charges. Speaking of cards, if out of the country, and if you have one, be sure to use a credit card with no foreign transaction fees. If you are not sure, contact your card provider.


Packing...some people’s joy and others angst. If at all possible, pack lightly. Make a list (a short list) of the necessary items you must take. (Necessary medications and underwear are 2 at the top of my list, lol.)  But less can be more on a vacation. Taking less can mean you are able to bring more back, more easily. More souvenirs, presents that were given, treasures that were found while shopping in a foreign land, etc. If you are not absolutely sure you will be wearing or using the item, don’t bring it.

Luggage Weight

And when you are done packing, make sure to weigh the larger bags you will be checking at the ticket counter. Most airlines have a 50-pound limit and just a small overage can cost you big. Spirit and Frontier Airlines have a 40-pound limit, so be wary your bags weight

Travel Protection

Travel Protection – For some people, it’s an afterthought, or “one of those extra costs that should be declined.”  But having the proper travel protection for your particular vacation can be the most important decision you make. For example, see this travel page about travel mishaps

Most Importantly….

Relax! – you shouldn’t expect each vacation to be the “best vacation ever.” If you have very high expectations, then the smallest bump will seem like the trip is ruined. Traveling with an expectation of perfection will lead to disappointment. Having an open mind for the possible variations that may happen will keep you and those with you more calm and relaxed to handle them with much less stress. 

Now is the time to book your vacation, whether it be for the 1st of the year, spring, summer or fall.  You don’t want to wait too late to book. Let your favorite travel advisor (hint, hint, As You Wish Luxury Travel) know in plenty of time what dates you plan to travel.  Fights fill quickly to certain popular destinations and your travel advisor can help you find better flights, connections, and airlines.

Also, prior to booking talk with your travel advisors about what you want to achieve from this vacation. If one wants to relax and the other wants more activity, the vacation may not go the way either had planned. Communication is the key. And make sure to communicate at the beginning with your travel advisor what kind of vacation is desired from all travelers. They just might be able to find something that everyone will love without compromising one desire over another.

​We know many of you will be traveling this holiday season or planning for next years adventure. Or maybe you are purchasing travel for your family, group, or yourself.  One of the main goals of As You Wish Luxury Travel is focusing on our clients needs. So we hope these tips will reduce your stress for the next travel adventure that you book with us!

My info is or 440-965-6868

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