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This Exotic Caribbean Destination is Scheduled to Open This June!

(PLEASE NOTE: Tourism openings, policies, flights, and information is ever-changing due to Covid-19. This update is as of May 30, 2020.)

Many Caribbean nations have taken difficult measures to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus, and these measures have included closing their borders to tourists. Flights into St Lucia, for example, were banned altogether while the government dealt with the pandemic. These stringent measures have proven successful with island nations reporting low death rates and high recovery rates. Saint Lucia’s government recently announced plans to reopen parts of the economy after noting a 100% recovery rate. 18 people contracted the virus and all of them have reported full recovery.

With this positive news in mind, the country’s tourism sector is set to reopen in phases from June 4th as announced by the Minister of Tourism, Dominic Fedee.

Safety Measures Being Taken by the St. Lucia Government

The first phase of the reopening involves preparing approximately 1500 hotels for tourists by ensuring that they keep up with set hygiene standards. This will involve all hotels acquiring a COVID-19 certification before reopening. Other measures being implemented to keep guests safe include; daily screenings of both staff and tourists; creation of various sanitization points throughout travelers’ stay; and implementation of social distancing guidelines. Flights into St. Lucia will land into the Hewanorra International Airport in this first phase, with only tourists from the United States being allowed in the country. Hotels will be allowed to organize a limited number of tours for tourists, and tourists will be expected to check and confirm all the rules and guidelines before arriving in Saint Lucia.

Some rules and guidelines that guests will have to keep in mind include:

1. Ensuring that they have certified proof that they have tested negative for COVID-19 48 hours before boarding at most.

2. Travelers will have to use face masks while out in the public and also respect social distancing guidelines put in place.

3. Take part in screening and monitoring at ports of entry.

These guidelines are meant to protect travelers and residents alike and facilitate an enjoyable stay while in the Caribbean nation. Tourism is a big contributor to the country’s economy at approximately 14% of the total GDP. The ministry is, therefore, taking measures to bolster travelers’ confidence in their management and containment of the disease. In his statement, Minister Fedee said, “Our new protocols have been carefully crafted and will build confidence among travelers and our citizens.”

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