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Are You Itching to Travel During the Pandemic? Unsure of Where to Travel? Try This Interactive Map

It’s been a couple of months, and you are yearning to go – to leave on your next vacation as soon as possible. But how do you satisfy your need to travel while still ensuring that you and your family are safe while still meeting new travel rules and guidelines? The answer lies in this interactive map.

United Airlines created this interactive map that shows you where can and cannot travel to within the United States. This map is updated regularly and shows which states and countries are open to travelers and which ones are not.

The map has color-coded each state to make it easy for you to understand.

  • Purple – open to visitors

  • Light Grey – open but with restrictions

  • White – no data available

  • Dark Grey – entry restrictions in place

With many states in the country open, the map shows mostly purple and light grey. This is great news for travelers.

Within this interactive map, you will get an in-depth look into individual states. You will be able to see specific regulations put in place. For example, will you need to quarantine on arrival? Will you need a medical and/or COVID-19 test at the point of entry? Will you need to fill in any forms?

All this information has been carefully provided on the map. Additionally, it gives travelers an insight into what activities are allowed by the state. While some states are fully open, others might have temporarily closed down bars and restaurants or have closed down tourist accommodation.

While you may not have thought of this information in your previous trips, you will need to keep on top of travel regulations set by every state and country.

This tool is a great asset that was well thought out by the United States. We encourage all travelers looking within and out of the United States and to take advantage of it to avoid any inconveniences.

Be sure to double-check the regulations on the map through the state’s website. For a seamless travel experience, it would be advisable to speak to seasoned travel agents whose work is to stay on top of all regulations and restrictions.

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