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Tips for Taking the Stress Out of Planning A Honeymoon (or any trip)!

After the prolonged planning, preparation, arrangements, and scheduling events for your magnificent wedding, then comes the best part of the wedding - the honeymoon. Some couples get so exhausted by doing all the chores of the wedding that they almost forget to plan an epoch trip for themselves.

Most people grow up with a preconceived notion of what an ideal honeymoon should be. The perfect honeymoon vacation is different for each couple. Some like to go to the Maldives and relax. Others are somewhat exploratory and prefer the Swiss Alps with hiking and beautiful waterfalls. Some want to cross of Bali from their "to-do" list. For a perfect honeymoon travel vacation following are the most critical questions:

  • What is more important?

  • The warmth of sun and surfing or being alone on a hill?

  • Are you looking to experience new cultures in distant lands?

  • Do you like to be busy on vacation or do you prefer relaxing at an exquisite location?

  • Do you want to go around the corner or travel the world?

  • Would you like to spend more on the honeymoon or the wedding?

  • Niagara Falls like your parents?

  • The Caribbean, like your friends?

  • Europe, like your ancestors?

  • What sounds better: a cruise, a package vacation, or an all-inclusive resort?

For further assistance with deciding on a trip that fits your personality, take our Travel Quiz by clicking here!

Budget & Time Frame

First, plan out your budget accordingly. Many couples cut their budget from honeymoon to spend a little bit more on weddings, and some of them get into debt to make it the most exotic moments of their life. Your honeymoon will allow you time to bond during this blissful time in your life. You may not have another opportunity to take the vacation of your dreams, so why not splurge a little.

Then there's the debate on whether couples should go just right after their marriage or wait for the perfect time when there budget suits well. There are no hard and fast rules when you should go on a honeymoon. If you have saved enough money for the honeymoon you both desire, you can go right after the wedding. However, if you think that it will be too costly, there is nothing wrong with waiting for a few months when things align with your budget.

Plan dates, venues, restaurants, parking spots, and vehicles ahead of time. Collect all the necessary information regarding your flights and visas. By scheduling all the things, you will surely know how many days you're going to spend where you will go and how much money you're spending. Sounds overwhelming with everything else you have to do? Then make sure to reach out to a travel profession. A small fee between $100 and $250 is worth the 30 hours or more it could take to plan all of this yourself.

Plan Together

Begin early and share the planning with your significant other. Decision making is a crucial part when it comes to honeymoon by making all the decisions together; you will enjoy the planning process a lot more.

Your honeymoon will be an opportunity for you to slow down and take the time to embrace your romance. Your honeymoon is very different than the wedding ceremony, which may be overwhelming, chaotic, and rushed. On your honeymoon, you can schedule activities you both like. By doing this, you will have ample time for yourselves to understand each other better.

How to choose a destination?

Be specific about what you want then narrow down your list of destinations accordingly. It can be an exotic resort on an island well-known for its tourist attractions. Or you want to visit a foreign country where you don't even know its language and want to explore its culture, traditions, and history. Sit down with your partner research honeymoon destinations and figure out what you want.


Splurge on whatever accommodations you choose. No matter what type of vacation package you want, you will spend an enormous amount of time in your room or cabin. Make it special to make it unforgettable.

Use your maiden name. Unless you are taking a delayed honeymoon, you won't have time to change the name on your passport and driver's license. Use your maiden name on visas, airline tickets, etc., so they match as it appears on your official documents.


Resorts are the most popular honeymoon destinations; you will get into another world for a miraculous escape from the daily routine. Often set in the most mesmerizing locations in the world, including pools, golf courses & private beaches along with culinary delights and soothing spas.

An all-inclusive resort is a great choice where one has not to worry about the room, transfers, recreational facilities, meals, and drinks as they are all available in one price. You don't have to worry about each, and everything encounters the most exotic one of a lifetime experience.

If you don't want to be stuck in a location and would like to travel often, then consider taking a cruise. Cruises are floating resorts that whisk you away from one exotic port to another.


Looking for adventure? Ask us to help find you and your fiancé' some outdoor exhilaration! Whether it is white-water rafting in Colorado, hiking through the Alps, or taking an African safari, the things you encounter will be a memory that you will relish forever.

For those who like to reconnect with the past cultural and historical trips are captivating. Explore a famous European city, Paris, London, Rome; the list goes on and on. Breathe in their culture, immerse in the sights, and experience the art of living. You can also go where your family history originated and explore your family's past; it will be fun and fabulous. It will be a unique perspective for both of you.

Be Yourself

There is no need to be shy or conservative when traveling during your honeymoon. There should be a spark between you and your significant other. Everyone from strangers to airlines to hotels will take notice and might offer you special treatment, such as complimentary champagne in-flight or a gift basket in your room. Go ahead; it's your honeymoon!

Consider a Professional

Want Stress Free Honeymoon Vacation? Could you leave it to a Professional?

Planning a wedding and honeymoon together is tiresome. Usually, newly wedded couples lack the ltime to plan a honeymoon because all their attention is about planning the perfect wedding ceremony. Save your money and time by consulting an expert.

As You Wish Romance Travel specializes in providing personalized suggestions that will not only ensemble your interests and will suit your budget too! Come visit us at the "Happily Ever After" Bridal Show at Lorain County Community College on March 8 from Noon to 3 pm. Sharon and AJ! will be giving away a trip voucher at this event. Need more information? Text or call Sharon at 440-925-5568 or email her at

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