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Top 10 Best Honeymoon Destinations to Visit In 2020

The honeymoon is the best part of getting married (we may be a little biased, though.) Once the wedding is over, the honeymoon is the opportunity to spend time understanding each other while exploring your honeymoon destinations.

So, if you’re looking for locations that are brimming with stunning sights, exquisite beaches, flora and fauna, remarkable sunsets, and locations that are rich in culture and history, consider these romantic honeymoon destinations.

1. Maldives

With jaw-dropping beaches and mesmerizing sunsets, Maldives is one of the most exotic locations with beautiful islands. You can have a villa that leads straight to the vibrant and clear blue water. The colorful reefs, loving hosts, and the romantic weather is enough to portray the Maldives. It is renowned for being the most prominent honeymoon location in the world.

2. St. Lucia

If you're looking for a lavish honeymoon destination, St. Lucia is the perfect location. Explore the plush mountains spotted with boutique resorts and white sand beaches. There are also many beautiful natural attractions in the Soufriere area, Diamond Falls Botanical Gardens, The Pitons, and Sulfur Springs Park. You can hike, take mud baths, and relax in geothermal pools.

3. Singapore

There is one location that offers a variety of activities for newlywed couples. This country is an island and is a popular honeymoon destination. The tasty food, culturally rich, zealous nightlife, various carnivals are a couple of attractions that this brilliant city brings to the table for being the most immersive experience as compared to others. Therefore, for all the couples that crave excitement and love to engage with other people, there is no better option than staying in Singapore.

4. Santorini

Famous for magnificent sunsets, traditional Greek food, and attentive hotels, Santorini, Greece, is heaven for couples. Honeymooners can relax on red and dark sand seashores before taking in the vestiges at Ancient Akrotiri and Ancient Thira. Wine lovers will adore the island's wineries. And water-lovers should consider taking a sailboat journey around the caldera.

5. Sri Lanka

Couples who are frugal and desire a bit of privacy may want to consider Sri Lanka. These types of couples will find jungles and beaches. This honeymoon experience would also be less expensive as compared to other destinations.

6. Cinque Terre

Located in northwestern Italy, this coastal region offers beaches that are amazing for sunbathing and swimming. Additionally, couples can appreciate stunning perspectives while climbing Cinque Terre's cliff trails. Keep in mind; the villages are not easily reachable by cars in this area. The couples visiting in autumn will enjoy fewer crowds.

7. Paris

The city of lights and romance that needs no introduction and is among the most exclusive and lavish honeymoon destination is none other than Paris. Many couples dream of strolling the city’s cobbled streets. Visiting the Timeless Monument – the Eiffel Tower, sightseeing, and tasting a spectacular wine at a bistro.

8. Tuscany, Italy

From extravagant manors to the sweet aroma of food, Italy overflows with romance. Newlyweds can visit less overcrowded cities like Siena and Lucca before going to the incredibly famous Leaning Tower of Pisa. Regardless of which Tuscan excursion you are choosing, you will explore extensive vineyards and cascading hills where you can settle in for a tasty dinner and have a bottle of wine.

9. Bali

Located east of Java and west of Lombok Indonesia’s primary tourist attraction Bali Island is a province of Indonesia. It is famous for its unusual sculptures, traditional dances, lively ceremonies, art, metalworking, leather and, music. Furthermore, the International Film Festival takes place each year in Indonesia, Bali.

There is such a significant amount to see on this Indonesian island; it very well may be challenging to conclude which are the best things to do in Bali. The Bali Uluwatu Tour, Seminyak, Taman Tirta Temple, Jimbaran, Kintamani, Ubud Fort, North Bali, and the list goes on. It is significantly the most exotic, ideal and perfect location for a honeymoon.

10. Goa

A marvelous place famous for its old structures, immaculate beaches, cottages, tempting nightlife, carnivals, and much more, Goa is a standout among other honeymoon destinations. Goa has everything to make your wedding trip additional unique; you can go on strolling along the beaches or explore the churches. A classic destination for those who are in love with beaches, Goa will leave you ecstatic!

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