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With a Tulip Cruise Enjoy Bursting Color and Beauty

From mid-March to mid-May, Holland and Belgium are a burst of color. In the springtime, the Keukenhof Gardens and Floralia are abundant with hyacinth, crocus, daffodils, and their famous tulips. The Tulip Cruise is therefore aptly named because Tulip season is the best time to experience the beauty of the flora in this region. This cruise is on the Dutch Waterways, you will cruise from the Rhine River through a network of inland seas and smaller rivers. Your cruise will take you down the Waal and Maas rivers, and through many smaller rivers in Amsterdam.

Apart from the charming vegetation, there is a lot more that has made the Tulip Cruise one of the most popular European Cruises. The cruise sails through historic cities abundant with culture like Rotterdam, Amsterdam, and Arnhem.

Your itinerary will begin in Amsterdam, where you’ll get a full view of the Tulip bulbs in bloom and over 7 million other flowers at the Keukenhof Gardens. The popular windmills at Kinderdijk and across Dutch country will also be in sight as you sail along. During your stopovers, you’ll get an opportunity to take walking tours and bike tours in towns such as Middelburg where you’ll walk through cobblestone old towns and historic town squares straight out of storybooks.

At the port of Antwerp, you can decide to spend your time at the shopping center or take a walking tour through the town. You will delight in the medieval architecture and the Red Star Museum that will be a source of history especially for tourists from the United States. In Arnhem, you’ll get to indulge in more history by getting a first-hand look into the role Germany played in World War 1. The most famous stopover is in the city of Brugge, this is where you will get to purchase produce and flowers, enjoy quiet meals at tiny cafes and take part in people watching. While in Belgium, you can visit the local chocolate shops and delight in the famous Belgian coffee.

This cruise is one of the most scenic cruises and apart from the flowers and gardens, the canals, harbors, and bridges are some of the most beautiful in Europe. When taking this cruise especially in the springtime, be sure to carry your cold medicine especially for minor colds and allergies that might strike during your vacation.

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