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What to Consider If You Plan to Travel During The Pandemic

You’ve probably heard it many times—we’re living in unprecedented times. With a global pandemic that’s not ending any time soon, we need to find ways to safely move on with our lives. Travel is an important part of many people’s lives, whether for work or to de-stress. In this article, we’ll look at ways that you, your family, and friends can still enjoy this leisure activity, but still protect yourselves and those around you.

With travel advisories still in place in several states and countries. It would be prudent to understand the rate of infection in your intended area of travel. If the numbers are drastically increasing daily, you might want to postpone your travel plans or choose a safer destination. If your community has a high rate of infection, the CDC advises that you avoid travel since you might be asymptomatic and could potentially spread the virus to a new community. You should also consider the health of those you’re traveling with. Elderly persons or those with underlying conditions should be exempt from any travel. If you live with a person who is considered high risk, you should also be careful and avoid any unnecessary travel as you may unknowingly spread the virus to them.

Image by Ri Butov from Pixabay

It is also extremely important to understand the measures put in place by your intended destination of travel. Some countries and states like Hawaii mandate that visitors isolate themselves for 14 days once they arrive. If you’re traveling out of the country, some countries require a negative COVID-19 test on arrival. Understanding these rules will help in planning and budgeting for your stay.

Your mode of travel might also increase your chance of contracting COVID-19. The CDC and WHO organization state that the rate of infection inside an aircraft is minimal because the air quality in a plane is quite good. Air also passes through a HEPA filter that will minimize transmission. Airports and airlines are also working tirelessly to keep their spaces clean by having regular intensive cleaning periods. However, these measures are not fool-proof. Inadequate social distancing and spending long hours in a crowded flight might increase your chances of exposure. Be sure to observe CDC health advisories while in an airport. Several airlines at the moment will not let you travel if you have a temperature of over 100.4℉.

The CDC advises that you hold off on traveling in big crowds. This could include traveling to campsites and campgrounds with a group of friends and family. Some states have also temporarily closed campgrounds and parks. Fresh and open air has several health benefits, so if you have plans of visiting parks and campgrounds, keep your party small, preferably invite people you already live with. Keep a 6-foot distance from other people and observe all CDC regulations for safe travel.

Though the circumstances we are living in are strange, you can still travel safely if you plan and keep in mind all the rules and regulations put in place by governments and health bodies such as the CDC. Don't spend another second of your efforts by booking your own vacation. Reduce the hassle and spend more time connecting with loved ones by giving As You Wish Luxury Travel a call to custom design your next travel experience. Contact AJ! at 440-965-6868 or by email at We plan to be here when this pandemic is over.

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