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What You Must Consider Before Taking A Trip During This Pandemic

Travel protection is extremely important, now more than ever. Despite the complications that have arisen from the pandemic, statistics show that 58% of travelers feel that having a pandemic outbreak cover is essential. However, choosing the right provider can be tricky in the sea of providers available to travelers. Due to the pandemic, there are two types of insurance covers you should consider;

“Any Reason Cancellation” Travel Protection

As detailed in our previous article, many insurers will not cover you for fear of travel. However, choosing a provider that covers this will ensure that you get part of your money back. This type of insurance typically costs 10—12% of the price of your vacation.

“Named Perils” Travel Protection

This travel protection is cheaper and is between 7 and 9% of the cost of your vacation. However, this type of insurance might not cover a pandemic if it is not mentioned in the policy.

If you’re traveling out of the country, it is advisable to get comprehensive coverage. During this period when the number of cases is still on the rise in certain regions, we advise that you get the “cancel for any reason” insurance cover. Though more expensive, this travel protection will ensure that you do not lose 100% of your money. Due to the nature of the policy, certain providers pulled this cover, however, a few still remain. It is important to check the fine print and make sure infectious diseases are not excluded.

If you’re getting “regular” travel protection the usual will still be covered, including; lost baggage, travel delay, missed connection, trip cancellation, and interruption, or if a company completely stops operating due to financial challenges. To choose the right provider under this category, it is advisable to look at how they reacted to the pandemic at the onset. What changes did they make? Were they flexible and did they keep in communication with their clients?

To get the best travel protection during this period, you need more coverage–and this means more money spent. Despite spending more, you will actually get more flexibility and in the event of an incident, you’re assured part or all of your money back.

During this pandemic, your health is of extreme importance, you should look for a provider who will cover unexpected injuries, accidents, and illnesses. You should also choose a provider who will protect your trip costs as much as possible.

Finding the right balance between these two factors will require a lot of research. Consulting a travel advisor who has been in the business will save you on time and will also ensure that you make the best decision depending on your needs.

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